KRS Fire is listed with the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (ASIB) as both a recognised National Supervising Special Risks Installer and a Supervising Sprinkler Installer and we are a member of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). We are therefore able to design and install systems that are compliant with the latest ASIB, SANS, NFPA and FM Global requirements. Fire and smoke detection and gas suppression systems are a key component to our installations and will be designed and installed to the relevant SANS or NFPA codes of practice.

Design and Hydraulics

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We offer in-house designs utilising AutoCAD, Revit and Navisworks. We have experience in integrating the Revit designs and clash detection into the BIM 360 (Building Information Modelling) System. Hydraulic calculations are produced either on Sprink or Canute to suit client requirements.

Designs are done to the ASIB, NFPA, FM Global or SANS Standards or to the Clients’ or Engineers specifications and include approved equipment.

Sprinkler Systems

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Sprinkler systems are wet pipe fire protection systems design to ASIB, NFPA, FM etc., are typically installed at roof level and utilise FM Approved temperature rated Quartzoid Bulb sprinklers. The systems are pressurized with water and is held and controlled by FM Approved Installation Control Valves which are activated by a drop in pressure within the sprinkler system and operates a hydraulic alarm gong.

Wet and dry pipe systems; single or double-knock; roof level, under mezzanine and in-rack protection; Ordinary Hazard, High Hazard and ESFR systems to ASIB or NFPA.

Deluge Systems

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Fixed automatic water or foam/water solution deluge systems are installed around the circumference of storage tanks, in the form of specially designed free standing rigs or at roof level for exposure protection. These systems can either utilise FM Approved High or Medium Velocity Spray or Foam Nozzles to apply the water spray or foam / water solution at a required density or rate in mm/min/m² over the entire surface area to effect cooling or emulsification, generally in accordance with the NFPA 15 or NFPA 11 and 16 standards.

Systems or sets of systems are controlled by FM approved dedicated deluge valves (Either hydraulically, electrically, pneumatically actuated or a combination thereof).

Valves should be supplied with pressure switches which have potential free contacts for monitoring by the clients PLC/SCADA system or for the shutdown of equipment.

We specialise in High and Medium Velocity Deluge Systems for the likes of transformers, conveyors, hydraulic / lube packs, storage tanks

Foam Systems

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Unlike other extinguishing agents – water, dry chemical, CO2, etc., a stable aqueous foam can extinguish a flammable or combustible liquid fire by the combined mechanisms of cooling, separating the flame/ignition source from the product surface, suppressing vapors and smothering.

We design, supply and install foam sprinkler, deluge and pouring systems for high hazard risks including tank top and bund pouring systems. Our systems can include foam monitors, fixed flow foam inductors, variable flow foam pumps, foam pourers, foam generators and foam nozzles.

Handheld Firefighting Equipment

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Fire-fighting equipment means any portable fire extinguisher, mobile fire extinguisher, hose reel or fire hydrant, or any other equipment used in the extinguishment of a fire.

All manual firefighting and their ancillary equipment can be incorporated into our scope of work as either individual systems or as part of a larger scope. Equipment and directional signage for the equipment can also be included.

Dedicated Fire Pumps and Tanks / Water Supplies

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Water supply systems typically include an original source of water, water storage, distribution piping, pumps, and control valves. Water supply for fire protection covers water for use in standpipe systems and other water-based fire suppression systems.

Adequate flows and pressures are required to ensure that compliant densities and coverage are achieved. Dedicated fire water pumping and storage facilities are at the heart of our fire protection systems. We are able to offer ASIB and NFPA approved fire pumps including all pipework, instrumentation and equipment. Welded and bolted cylindrical as well as Braithwaite tanks can be utilised as part of the water supplies depending on the site conditions and client requirements.

Repairs, Maintenance and SLA’s

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Maintaining reliability throughout the entire life cycle of a fire system involves three distinct and equally important tasks which must be performed on a periodic basis: (1.) visual inspections, (2.) functional testing and (3.) maintenance activities. Many overlook the need to visually inspect the fire system and concentrate only on the functional testing of the components. However, each of these tasks are necessary and contribute to the assurance of a fire system that is ready to perform in the case of a fire.

We have many years’ experience in assisting our clients with system repairs following mechanical damage and maintaining all installed fire protection systems through once-off site maintenance or Service Level Agreements.